Error synchronizing outlook with CRM 4.0

A SQL server error occurred. Try this action again. if the problem continues, check the microsoft dynamics CRM community for solution or contact your… This is an issue which is appearing by installation of Rollup 7 for CRM 4.0.

The story is that i ‘ve installed successfuly CRM 4.0 and after that installed Rollup 7,8 and 9. After some checks i realized that when i tried to synchronize CRM for outlook it gives me a SQL server error. The solution is really simple. In my cause i had up to the latest rollup 9 installed until this moment on my server. What ive’ done is uninstall all rolups one by one. First uninstalled Rollup 9 then restart the server. After that i’ve uninstalled rollup 8 and then restarted again the server. Finally i’ve uninstalled rollup 7. When i tested CRM for outlook it worked perfectly without any Rollups. Now i only installed Rollup 9 and tested. With rollup 9 without any previous rollups it works fine.


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