Hyper-v Server R2 Remote management in Workgroup

Here I tried to make clear guide how to manage Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hype-V role installed  or Hyper-V server from Windows 7 machine while both Win 7 and Hyper-V server are in workgroup scenario. You can find detailed post here:


What I do in this post is to make some basic guide with steps 1,2 etc.

1. Install Hyper-V Server R2. Nothing strange just as a usual Windows Server 2008 R2

2. Create two identical users on both machines with the same password. For example:

a. On Win 7 machine 

b. On Hyper-V Server issue a command

net user Deen * /add

In my cause I add Deen in local administrators group on both machines but isn’t necessary to be in local administrators group on the Server.

3. Issue a command in a Hyper-V server again

Netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)” new enable=yes

Net localgroup “Distributed COM Users” /add  HV-Server\Deen

(HV-Server is the name of HyperV Server machine)

4. Right click on the computer management console (top) and select connect to another computer.

Then connect to Hyper-V Server

You have to set two times the security. Once for Root\CIMV2 and then for the ROOT\virtualization.

For CIMv2 only the permission Enable Account is sufficient.

For \Root Virtualization enable account and remote enable is enough.

You can add the requested permissions in the whole root three but is less secure.

5. Work with AZman on Hyper-V Server.

Net use * \\HV-Server\c$

After that you have to load one xml file from the server.

Navigate to mapped drive  \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V directory on the Hyper-V server and add Deen to Role Assignments Administrator container.

6. Give the following permissions on the Win 7 machine.


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