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When you try to access the Server from localhost by it’s FQDN or CNAME repeatedly pops up for cridentials

February 24, 2010

This is about the folowing situation. I have one vitual PC for testing purposes. For example the machine is called Server01.domain.local. I have one local site hosted on it . A simple site writted on ASP.Net or Sharepoint site. It doesn’t matter. It has windows integrated authentication. I have a host header for example It works perfectly from Internet. I have the host header name in local hosts file too. When i tried to browse that from local machine ( it pops up repeatedly for cridentials.

This happened with IIS 6.0 in windows server 2003 with sp1 or sp2. In windows server 2008 the behaviour is the same.

The solution is:


New multistring value called


Right click modify and add host headers if there are more. In this cause i add

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