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SCOM 2007 R2 agents stop talking after their installation with SCOM Server

April 11, 2010
I have Scom 2007 R2 server installed in one domain enviroment and a couple agents on windows 2003 and windows server 2008 (not R2). The other scenario i have is that i deployed SCOM Gateway in the internet with the other non-trusted domain with certificate trusted communication. Everything worked fine until the moment i tried to install agents in the other domain with two way forest wide trust. The servers there were Windows Server 2008 R2. So the SCOM R2 server was in Domain A and domain A had two way forest trust with a domain B where agents should be. The only difference was that all servers in the domain B were Server 2008 R2. After discovery and agent installation all agents were in "Not Monitored" state.
The errors from event log of the monitored servers were:
Event ID:      20070
The OpsMgr Connector connected to "SCOM R2 FQDN" but the connection was closed immediately after authentication occurred.  The most likely cause of this error is that the agent is not authorized to communicate with the server, or the server has not received configuration.  Check the event log on the server for the presence of 20000 events, indicating that agents which are not approved are attempting to connect.
Event ID:      21016
OpsMgr was unable to set up a communications channel to "SCOM R2 FQDN" and there are no failover hosts.  Communication will resume when "SCOM R2 FQDN" is available and communication from this computer is allowed.
There are many posts concerning communications between SCOM R2 and gateway server and them cerificates but the solution in this situation is updating management packs.

1. Open the SCOM Console

2. Go to “Administration” section

3. Right click on “Management Packs” and select “Import Management Packs”

4. Click Add and select “Add from Catalog…”

5. In View: drop down menu select “Updates available for installed management packs” and click “Search” button
Then update management packs
After i update them i restart "System center management" service on the monitored machines and they start to communicate with SCOM 2007 R2 server.