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VMware Tools may not Upgrade on a Windows 2008 guest operating system

July 15, 2010

There is an issue upgrading Vmware Tools on Windows Server 2008 guest operating system. The host was Vmware ESX 4.x. There is a KB article from Vmware Basically what has happened is that Vmware tools refused to remove itself and in the middle of removing procedure the tools requested the source which is different from the source mounted in the CD drive.

The solution of the problem is to force uninstall the tools because the old package is no longer available.

Navigate to CD drive and locate setup.exe executable file from Vmware tools installation path. Open cmd from start -> Run and navigate to the setup.exe file. Issue the command setup /c.  It will forece remove vmware tools and all registry settings. Then Install the new tools with the same setup.exe without any switches.



April 11, 2010